Book Week - Saturday August 19 – Friday August 25

​​The CBCA celebrated its 71st Anniversary of the Book of the Year Awards in 2017 from Saturday August 19 – Friday August 25. The Book Week theme this year was Escape to Everywhere

To help us promote the value of reading, literacy, book fun and Australian writers and illustrators, we were very fortunate to have Mr Brian Falkner work with our Year 4, 5 and 6 students from March 20 - 22, to create a collective story.

Brian lives on the sunny Gold Coast and has written many stories. Some of his titles include 'Northwood', 'Brainjack', 'The Super Freak', 'The Real Thing', and 'The Flea Thing'. Brian says that he always wanted to be a writer, even at school, but it took him thirty years to realise his dream with his first junior novel published in 2003.

The Prep - Year 3 children enjoyed working with Ms Andrea Gallagher from March 27 - 29. Andrea has written two books about a group of amazing grandparents and seniors in her life. Combining words into writing became her paid profession a long time ago and she has learned a lot about how words can move people (particularly little learners!).

After playing around with rhyme and alliteration in children's stories as a hobby and knowing that she had a whole lot of cool seniors just waiting to be the stars of a story (whether they knew it at the time or not), she came up with the idea for her two books 'Superstar Grandmas' and 'Mega-rad Grandads'. ​