Book Week - Friday August 17 – Friday August 24 - Find Your Treasure

Sam Wheeler.jpgSamantha Wheeler is a children's author based in Brisbane. She fell in love with animals when she received a tortoise at the age of six. She later studied agriculture, worked with dairy farmers and taught science, until writing her first children's book, inspired by koalas, in 2011. Her books have been shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards, the Readings Children's Book Prize and The Wilderness Society's Environmental Award for Children's Literature.

Samantha hopes her books will inspire everyone to make a difference.

Recently, every class at St Peter Chanel spent time with Samantha, where she helped them to create their own class story. They have planned and written tales of frogs and drought and crazy tuna fishing boats, plus many more. Each story is unique and fabulous and comes completely from the children's imaginations. During the process, they talked about action at the start of the story, instead of “one sunny day", of obstacles getting in our characters' way and about creating satisfying endings. The stories will be compiled into a book which will be professionally printed and available for purchase by parents and relatives. The school community is looking forward to reading the children's creations.