​​There is no winning or losing in children's yoga classes, so students can express their creativity in a safe environment withoutJunior Yoga.png competition. Having fun together, learning and playing is the real reward for children.

Junior Yoga is a set of movements in which classic yoga postures are adapted for children and named after animals, plants, objects and nature. Stories and games prolong children's attention span when invested, helping them expand their imagination. 

Yoga helps increase a child's self-confidence and motivation​ and enhances their ability to express themselves. It allows children to experience different, more accessible ways of learning. Yoga improves a child's awareness of group work, creativity and problem-solving as well as helping to reduce exam anxiety. It facilitates learning and increases awareness of the environment.

Yoga classes for students in all year levels are held on a Tuesday mornings, from 7.45am - 8.30am in Charity, the school hall. For more information or to book your child into the class​, head to the Junior Yoga we​bsite or phone on 0452 579 830.