​​​​At St Peter Chanel School, we believe that educating and developing our children is enhanced when our staff, students, parents, the parish and the wider community coexist in positive, collaborative relationships of shared responsibility. We therefore:

• encourage and facilitate active participation by parents in the education of their children;
• support our staff to foster a culture of teaching excellence;
• develop in our students the ability to be effective and productive members of their immediate and broader communities;
• work closely and co-operatively with the parish.
Application for enrolment can be made by following this link:
To fully complete your application, you will need to forward the following documents to the School Office, at your earliest convenience.
• A photocopy of your child’s Birth Certificate, current Passport and/or proof of Citizenship
• A photocopy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)
• A photocopy of your child’s most recent school report (if enrolment is sought for Years 1 – 6)
• A photocopy of your child’s NAPLAN report/s (as applicable if enrolment is sought for Years 3 – 6)
• Copies of any medical or learning reports
• If noted in your application, copies of any legal documentation, medical action plans and student specialist assessments.
You will receive notification once your application has been submitted. For Prep enrolments, parents will be contacted early in the year prior to when enrolment is sort, to arrange a suitable time to attend an interview with the principal or their delegate.  It is important for your child to attend this interview with you. Following this, a formal offer of enrolment may be given and Confirmation of Enrolment, Media Release and ICT Forms will be forwarded to you for completion and return.  A non-refundable acceptance fee is paid when these forms are returned and a portion of this is deducted from the first year's school fees.
Enrolment in Years 1 - 6 will depend on the availability of a place. The level of learning/behavioural needs of current enrolments will assist in making this decision, together with the size of the class and adequate physical space. If an enrolment inquiry is made from a local school (Catholic or State), the principal of the existing school may be contacted to discuss the reasons for the student leaving the school.
In cases where a student may require significant educational adjustments to support their initial enrolment and/or ongoing specialist support at school, the Enrolment Application and Support Procedures for Students requiring Significant Education Adjustments will be followed.  This process seeks to clarify the student’s strengths and needs, identify necessary adjustments and support structures for the child to access the curriculum and to establish the implications of these for the school, the family and the student. A partnership approach is foundational to this process.

All parents or carers submitting applications for enrolment​ at St Peter Chanel School are called to accept that we are based on the beliefs, values and traditions of the Catholic faith. Non-Catholic parents or carers are welcome to seek enrolment for their child at our school. It is essential that enrolment comes with the understanding that all students participate in Religious Education and the religious life of the school. 

Open Mornings and School Tours 

Open mornings and tours are held throughout the year. These are for new families who may be considering enrolling their child at St Peter Chanel School. They are a wonderful opportunity for families who are looking for a great school, to come and see teaching and learning in action, together with our contemporary facilities and spacious grounds. Tours are provided by our senior students and members of staff.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions upcoming Open Days have been cancelled; however, please contact the school office by telephoning 3300 1202 or emailing pthegap@bne.catholic.edu.au to arrange a private tour.



Birthdate: ​Eligible for Prep year in: ​Eligible for Year 1 in:
Child born 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016
Child born 1 July 2016 - 30 June 2017
Child born 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018
Child born 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019
Child born 1 July 2019 - 1 June 2020