Information Communication and Learning Technology (ICLT)

​All classrooms have access to both desktop computers and wireless laptops with access to the internet. Technical support is outsourced with regular weekly visits part of the plan. Within the school there is access to digital cameras as well as video cameras.

St Peter Chanel has interactive whiteboards installed in all classrooms as well as two mobile units that can be accessed by the majority of classes. Each child has their own username and password for access to their class page. Every parent and child must sign a declaration agreeing to acceptable use of the internet at school. Teachers supervise student’s use of the internet at all times. Students need to be aware that all internet usage is monitored and that breaches will be acted on.

With the support of our Parents and Friends Association we are spending time and money to ensure Information Technology is an integral part of learning in each primary classroom.

The children learn about and with technology. They learn the skills needed to use all types of technology as well as having technology embedded in the curriculum.