Strategic Renewal

​​​The Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plan 2021–2025: Future Learning Communities sets our direction for the next five years and prepares us for the next 20 years, as we pursue our vision of being 'a faith-filled learning community creating a better future'.

The strategic plan identifies outcomes for those we serve:

  • students in our care
  • teachers and learning leaders
  • other school and office staff, families and supporters
  • the broader BCE community, including the parish.​

Our five strategic priorities are:

  • Catholic identity
  • Learning and teaching
  • Well-being
  • Our people
  • Diversity and inclusion.

The following are the core enablers we will embed across all our work to ​ensure the successful implementation of the strategic plan:

  • Catholic social responsibility
  • Knowledge and insights
  • Sharing our story and partnerships
  • Sustainable resourcing
  • Integrated digital technology
  • Safeguarding
​​​2022 School Annual Plan - The Gap.pdf

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