Daily Routine

​First Bell 8:40
Lunch 10:45 -11:25am
Afternoon Tea 1:30 – 1:50pm
End of Day 3:00pm

Office hours: 8.00 – 3.30pm

As part of our Duty of Care playground supervision begins at 8.20am each morning. It should only be on the vary rare occasion that children arrive at school prior to this, in which case they are required to sit quietly in the main quad area. If early arrival needs to be more than very occasional, families are asked to engage with formal Before School Care. Supervision is also provided between 3.00pm – 3.20pm each afternoon in Pangela St and the Stop Drop & Go Zone on Chaprowe Rd.

No child is allowed to leave the school grounds unaccompanied during the school day. A child may be released from school to their parents or to authorised persons. Children must be signed out at the School Office before leaving the grounds. When a child is absent from school, a note of explanation or a phone call or email to the office is required.

If children arrive at school after the 8:40am bell they are to be accompanied by their parent/carer to the School Office where a late slip is required to be completed.  This is then presented to the class teacher. Class attendance rolls are marked electronically at the beginning and end of the day. By legislation, should a child be absent from school, documentation is required from the parent or carer to explain the absence. ​