Behaviour Support

​​​​​​​​​At St Peter Chanel School we emphasise the importance of the development of the whole person and the implementation of behaviour Behaviour Support Cover.pngsupport strategies which promote the dignity of all.

The purpose of our behaviour support plan is to:

  • enable students to be responsible for their behaviour and environment
  • to promote proactive management of behaviour routines and systems to reduce the need for reactive behaviour management
  • respect others’ rights
  • feel safe in class and at play

Schools accept as their mission teaching and learning – behaviour is another area where knowledge and skills are taught. We cannot assume that all children know the appropriate way to act in a variety of circumstances nor can we assume that they have the required social and decision making skills to make positive behavioural choices. We are charged with the responsibility to teach.

From this ‘educational’ paradigm there emerges an instructional distinction between discipline and a coercion or punishment driven approach.

  • Discipline is defined as training designed to teach proper conduct or behaviour in accordance with rules or norms
  • Punishment is defined as making someone suffer because they have done wrong or to give a penalty for an offence.

(Education Queensland: School-​wide Positive Behaviour Support, 2006)

An effective behaviour support plan is therefore about teaching children the specific social skills and behaviours expected at St Peter Chanel School and giving them opportunities to practice them successfully and receive feedback. All expectations must be based on fairness, rights and responsibilities. Misbehaviour signals a point of teaching and learning and responsibility sits with the owner of the behaviour. Logical consequences are required in a spirit of wisdom, justice and compassion.​​

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