Specialist Lessons

​​​​​​​St Peter Chanel offers specialist lessons for all classes in:


Once a week the children have a 30 minute music lesson with a specialist teacher. Students listen, perform and compose. They learn about the elements of music comprising rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture.​

L.O.T.E - Nihongo (Japanese)

Students from Prep - Year 6 participate in the Language Other Than English program and at St Peter Chanel students are engaged in one Nihongo lesson per week. The program consists of a combination of Nihongo ​​​​​​language and culture with the focus on communication. Lessons are based on speaking and listening skills, as well as reading and writing, while becoming aware of the customs, traditions and celebrations of the Nihongo people.

​Physical Education and SportBasketball.JPG

A coordinated health and fitness program operates throughout the school.

The children have two 30 minute Physical Education lessons with a specialist teacher each week. Students also experience a wide range of sporting activities suited to their level of development.

In Prep and Year 1, students also participate in a focused Gross Motor Skills Program for 30 minutes each week, designed to develop muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination and postural control.

In Terms 1 and 4 students in Years 1 - 6 participate in swimming lessons and are instructed by qualified instructors at Taylor Range Country Club.  Prep students commence lessons in Term 4 also at Taylor Range Country Club. (Costs for pool entry, instruction and transport by bus are included in the school fees.)

In Term 3, children in Years 3 - 6 participate in Gala Sport, competing in games of Netball, Touch Football, AFL and Soccer, against students from other local Catholic schools. The aim of the program is to develop in the children an enthusiasm for physical activity and a love of sport, which can lead to a healthy and active lifestyle.

St Peter Chanel is a member of the North West District (School Primary) Sports Association and the Zone 4 Catholic School Primary Sports Association and competes during the year in athletics, swimming and cross country competitions. ​