Speech and Communication

​Developing a child's ability to speak confidently in public is often a challenge for parents; however, there is help at hand at St PeterSpeech and Communication.png Chanel. 

Whether your little one is a great orator or if you'd simply like them to be able to communicate their ideas more​ creatively and be confident within themselves, Hannah Jones from Speech and Communication may have the solution.

Hannah and her team's tuition is ​differentiated as they specialise in voice development, confidence building and presentation training for children and young adults. Improvisation skills, learning to think on your feet, debating, presentation skills, the importance of non-verbal communication are all topics covered within classes.
They explore reading prose, storytelling, poetry, theatresports games, spot talks, drama, sharing of ideas and support with school oral assessment. Students can participate in public speaking events and experiences to share their ideas and have a voice.

From helping a student to feel comfortable putting up their hand in class, to supporting them on stage in a competition or audition, there is something for everyone. Speech and Communication pride themselves on a programme that grows and develops with the individual, so the journey can continue throughout their schooling life.​​

Lessons with Hannah and the Speech and Communication team take place on Mondays before school ​​and are at an additional cost to parents. Bookings can be made via their website​ ​or email on hannah@speechcommunication.com.au​​​​​

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